ABB 265GC Gauge Pressure Transmitter

  • Brand   ABB
  • Type   ABB 265GC

ABB 265GC Gauge Pressure Transmitter Description

This direct mount ABB 265GC Gauge Pressure Transmitter with seal works within a broad selection of variants, options, fill fluids and wetted materials. The ABB 265GC Gauge Pressure Transmitter allows total flexibility maximizing cost-effective aspect, also providing applications with critical process media at extended temperature ranges. It is a reliable sensing system coupled with the very latest digital technologies. The user has a comprehensive choice of sensors, optimizing in-use total performance and stability. Configuration facilities are flexible, provided locally via local keys combined with LCD indicator or via hand held terminal or PC configuration platform.ABB 265GC Gauge Pressure Transmitter

Specification of ABB 265GC Gauge Pressure Transmitter 

Base accuracy: ±0.04%

Span limits: – 6...60000kPa; 24inH2O...8700psi

5–year stability

Multiple protocol availability– provides integration with HART, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus platforms offering interchangeability and transmitter upgrade capabilities

Full compliance with PED category III

The 265GC Gauge pressure transmitter portfolio from ABB offers a broad variety of communication possibilities. Another highlight of our sensors is the measurement accuracy up to 0.04 %.

  ABB 265GC Gauge Pressure Transmitter Specification


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