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Flow Measurement

We are China industrial flow meters supplier. As we all know flow meter is a kind of device to measure the amount of medium pass through the flow sensor, according to the medium, we can classify we supplied flow meters into liquid flow meter, gas flow meter and steam flow meters.

Flow sensors (flow transducer) and flow transmitters are the primary devices of the flow meters. Flow transducer senses the medium pass through the flow meter sensor and flow transmitter generates a kind of stable flow signal from the raw flow transducer signals. Some customers need analog flow meter which produces 4-20mA signals, or pulse flow meter, China flow meter manufacturers can meet the customers’ technical specifications, and most of the flow instruments we supplied is totalizing flow meter which can not only display instant flow but also totalized flow.

We are especially good at selection of flow meter types. One specific flowmeter cannot meet all the applications; custom flow meters are manufactured according to different industrial applications. We generally sort flow meters as below based on the technique of measurements.

Volumetric flow meters

  • Electromagnetic meter (acid flow meter, sewage flow meter)
  • Vortex Flow meter (steam flow meter, gas flow meter)
  • Turbine Flow meter (gas turbine flow meter, digital oil flow meter,diesel flow meter )
  • Positive Displacement Flow meter (such as oval gear flow meter,resin flow meter,crude oil flow meter )
  • Variable area Flow meters (digital rotameter)
  • Ultrasonic Flow meter
  • Differential Pressure Flow meter ( such as V-cone Flowmeter, Orifice Plate.,etc )
Mass Flow meters

  • Thermal mass Flow meter (biogas flow meter, natural gas flow meter, Nitrogen flowmeter )
  • Coriolis Mas Flow meter (Syrup flow meter, molasses flow meters,glucose flow meter,slurry flow meter)
If you want to buy China factory flow meter, and need different kinds technical specifications, such as hot water meter, hygienic flow meter, cheap air and gas flow meter sensor, we can all meet your demands, and welcome to send inquiry to us, we will choose proper type meters for your specific applications. Each flow meter is unique on for you, China flow meter is not only good price, but also great service and amazing delivery time.

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter
    Electromagnetic Flowmeter

    Description of Electromagnetic FlowmeterElectromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of inductional instrument designed by Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction to...

  • Liquid Turbine Flow Meter
    Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

    Liquid Turbine Flow Meter OverviewSLW series Turbine Flow Meter has simple structure, light weight, high-accuracy, perfect repeatability, sensitivity, easy main...

  • Gas Turbine Flow Meter
    Gas Turbine Flow Meter

    Overview of Gas Turbine Flow MeterSGW gas turbine flow meter which assimilates the advanced turbine technology of flow meters for gas from China and overseas wi...

  • Oval Gear Flowmeter
    Oval Gear Flowmeter

    General Description of Oval Gear FlowmeterLC Oval gear flowmeters are instruments used for the continuous and intermittent flow measurement and control of the p...

  • Variable Area Flow Meter
    Variable Area Flow Meter

    Overview of Variable Area Flow MeterHH5 series variable area flow meter (also known as rotameter) is a kind of measuring meter which the flow rate is changing a...

  • Vortex Flow Meter
    Vortex Flow Meter

    Overview of Vortex Flow MeterSTLU series smart vortex flow meter is mainly used for measuring flow of industrial pipeline fluid, such as gas, liquid and steam, ...

  • Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter
    Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

    Application of Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow MeterThe ULFM series Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter is a remote version ultrasonic open channel flow meters (O.C...

  • Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
    Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

    Introduction of Coriolis Mass Flow MeterCoriolis Mass Flow Meters patented and developed by our company (Chinese Patent No. 03119685.3, 03149996.1) are the lead...