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SHR-5620 Digital Display Volumetric Meter

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Introduction of SHR-5620 Digital Display Volumetric Meter

SHR-5620 Digital Display Volumetric Meter ,Produced by full-automatic chip mounter with surface mounting technology, has strong anti-jamming capability, and can collect liquid level data of regular and irregular tanks, and display and convert the data into tank volume, applicable to monitoring, control, and collection of process parameters.

Technical Specifications of SHR-5620 Digital Display Volumetric Meter



Input signal



Input impedance



Maximum input current


Maximum input voltage




Output signal




24V distribution or feed

Output load capability


≥250 KΩ (Note:  Please replace the module for higher  load capacity)

AC220V/3A (large) DC24V/3A (large)


Comprehensive parameter



Setting mode

Panel touch key setting; Parameter setting values locked; Permanent storage of the setting values under power-off

Display mode

-1999~9999 measured value display, LBD display for working status

Working environment

Ambient temperature: 0~50℃; relative humidity: ≤85%RH; far from strong corrosive gas

Power supply

AC 100~240V (switch power), (50-60HZ); DC 20~29V (switch power)




Standard snap-on


Standard MODBUS communication protocol; RS-485 communication distance up to 1 km, RS-232 communication distance up to 15 meters; note: While with communication function, the communication converter should be an active one.

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