Xian Yunyi Instrument Co., Ltd.

Temperature Measurement

We are a China Temperature sensor manufacturer; provide fast delivery, reasonable price and robust RTD (Resistance temperature detectors), thermocouples, bimetal thermometer &temperature transmitters.

Custom thermocouple, RTD temperature sensor, bimetal thermometer according to different customers’ applications with still so fast delivery time and low price is our advantages.

We can manufacture industrial temperature sensor according to your approved drawings or we can design the thermocouples or RTD sensors for your specific application.

PT100 is a kind of normally used RTD temperature sensor; it has good accuracy and can be used repeatedly. Thermocouple is durable and has broad temperature range; it can be used as high temperature sensor. We cannot say which is more superior choice, and we just choose and fabricate the temperature sensors based on the specific demands from our valued customers.

We also provide cheap bimetal thermometer, we source robust bimetal thermometer from China reliable factory, and thermometers can be used in vessels and pipelines. Bimetal thermometers can read the temperature directly; available dial size is 60mm, 100mm, 150mm. we can also make thermowell combing together with bimetallic stem thermometer to have more applications.

Temperature Transmitters is converting temperature sensor (RTD and thermocouple) signals to analog signals. We provide head mount temperature transmitters which can also have Hart Protocol or digital display temperature transmitter upon request.

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    Temperature Sensor

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    Temperature Transmitters

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