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Temperature Transmitters

  • Thermocouple


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  • SX700 Temperature Controller

    SX700 Temperature Controller

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Temperature transmitters are an electrical transmitter that interfaces a temperature sensor (e.g. thermocouple, RTD) to a measurement or control device.

The signal our transmitter can accept is

  • Resistance thermometers (RTD),
  • Thermocouples (TC),
  • Resistance (Ω),
  • Voltage transmitters,

Typically, temperature sensor transmitters isolate, amplify, filter noise, linearize, and convert the input signal from the sensor then send (transmit) a standardized output signal to the control device. Thermocouple transmitter or RTD transmitter output analogue 4-20mA, 2 wire technology.

Features of thermocouple temperature transmitter

  • Temperature transmitters Universal settings with HART-protocol for various input signals (Option)
  • Transmitter temperature has 2 wire technology, 4 to 20mA analogue output
  • High accuracy in total ambient temperature range galvanic isolation (Option)
  • An internal temperature sensor for active temperature compensation (For T/C)
  • Temperature sensor transmitter has wide voltage supply range
  • Expanded resistance input (max 2KΩ)
  • Expanded voltage input (max 2KmV)
  • SMART Temperature Field Transmitter

We provide head mounted temperature transmitter, temperature indicator transmitter, hart temperature transmitter, the digital temperature transmitter all with analogue 4-20mA output.

Temperature Transmitters Product List

TMT 190B Temperature head Transmitter
TMT191B Temperature head Transmitter

TMT 190B Temperature head Transmitter

output 4-20mA

TMT191B Temperature head Transmitter

output 4-20Ma/Isolation

TMT192 HART Temperature head Transmitter
TMT 199 Temperature Indicator Transmitter

TMT192 HART Temperature head Transmitter

Output 4-20Ma/Isolation/Hart

TMT 199 Temperature Indicator Transmitter

Output 4-20Ma/Isolation/Hart/Display

DIN Rail mount temperature transmitter TMT132/ 4-20mA/HART
DIN Rail mount temperature transmitter TMT131/ 4-20mA/ Galvanic isolation

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