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Rosemount 3051SFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter

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Rosemount 3051SFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter

Rosemount 3051SFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter

Rosemount 3051SFC Compact Orifice Flow Meter

Ideal for liquids, suitable for gas & steam
1/2 to 12″ pipe size
Accuracy: +/- 0.8 % of rate for liquids
8:1 flow turndown
4-20mA signal based on Hart Communication or FOUNDATION fieldbus
Simple installation
Reduced straight pipe run
Direct mounting capable
Centering mechanism

The Rosemount 3051SFC Series compact orifice flow meter is designed for closed loop control and general purpose monitoring applications. By integrating the 3051S pressure transmitter with the 405 Compact Orifice primary element, Rosemount has created a high performance, direct mount differential pressure flow meter lowering the installed cost by eliminating the need for fittings, impulse tubing, valves, adapters and manifolds by providing a single device packaged together for simplified installation.


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